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Beautiful Shoot in the UP!

I did a shoot last weekend in Marquette, Michigan for Geoff Bowman Architects at the Fox Marquette Subaru Dealership.

Mostly done on my 85mm f/1.8 lens. For the sunrise shots I set my f-stop or aperture to f/11. ISO was at 800 although I could have probably been lower on that I suppose. My shutter speed was pretty slow- 1/30 to let lots of light in. Minimal post editing- just a bit on traffic cones in one shot and adjustments for a bit of noise and light on the building. I opted for a higher f-stop even though I had to bump up my ISO. I wanted a bit more sharpness and detail on the building. I also chose to shoot at sunrise because of the way the building sits. I think they turned out rather well!

I changed the settings a bit for the midday shots and indoor shots. F-stop went to f/4 and lowered my ISO since it was a bit brighter. I did get a dreamier quality in the open window shots as a result. Some of them I did at f/1.8, or wide open.

I forgot my tripod at home 3 hours away which was not very smart. I compensated with construction barrels and the ground! The hood of my Jeep. Love some of those angles.

The building is beautiful! Designed by Geoff Bowman Architects.

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